About Us

Taafi Nursing Services is a Qatar based full-service nursing and healthcare service company offering more years of experience as a provider of broad health care packages.

The name is derived from the Arabic connotation implying the word ‘health.’ We offer an astounding number of services and programs that meet the highest standards of healthcare needs while meeting every needs of the client.

With high-qualified nurses offering expert services, Taafi Nursing Services offers special-organization based services supporting homes, schools, companies, factories and private institutions.

Our team is represented at every important sector and is always innovating for the future in every service. Our experts are dedicated to staying on top of an extremely dynamic and ever-changing healthcare environment. Our professionalism is our reputation. Our team’s enthusiasm and commitment to nursing is combined with exceptional skills and passion.

Over the years there has been an exponential increase in the demand for home nursing services in Doha. With home care nursing, patients are given an element of privacy, and by surrounding themselves in a familiar environment lends a psychological comfort in presence of their loved ones which is the principle based on which our organization has been established.

Our vision

To be recognized as the highest value provider of healthcare services and solutions in Qatar by directly influencing and improving the quality and level of care clients receive.

To be the trusted provider of exceptional nursing services to private sector at exceptional standards

Our misson

To support with health providers by delivering the highest standards of home nursing care.

To provide an environment that is stimulating, fulfilling and satisfying. We absolutely recognize the needs of the individuals and families that need health care personnel. We are committed to a fundamental set of values and applying the best practices, which are the essence of our organization.